Fredericko! (mangabother) wrote in latinitas,

Hi I dont know Latin but...

I am not in anyway a learner of Latin but I love the language as I find it interesting and I guess I have an odd interest for old languages and odd ones too lol


I am writting a novel and as its fantasy I want the spells to be in LATIN and I mean real Latin! Not HP latin, but I was wondering if anyone could translate them for me?? I'de very much appreciate it but I am in no hurry for them to be done so you can take your time who ever decides to do it hahaha

Sorry I feel rude for asking >_<;

I only have the Flame spells written so far:

FIRE: Efreet, Salamander, Garnet, Ruby.

O burning Light, you who rage forth turning all to ash! Salamander Tail!!!

O crimson flames come forth! Obliterate all in your wild song! Rune Dancer!!

Warriors of flame, raise thy swords! Honour thy oath and rip apart thy enemy! Sword Raging!!

Efreet Rage!!

Garnet Star Breaker!!

Burning fires of the deep! Ruby Wave!!

Burning fires of the deep! Rage up and bring a raging flame that equals the eternal Sun! Ruby Flare!!

Eternal Garnet!!

Great beast of fire! I plea to your might, gather the heart of the worldly flames to me! Roar of the Efreet!!

Heed our contract and heed to me! O great king of fire raise your almighty sword to the heavens! Rain down on all those who are foolish enough to appose your greatness and shatter all into the night of death!!
Blazing Garnet of the Heavenly Sky!!
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