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Gah sorry bout this again

Can someone Translate these for me aswell??

Its the rest of the element spells I come up with and also some Misc spells.

I do want to write some Dark and Light spells but they will come later on when I eventually add them to the story.

AIR: Sylph, Griffin, Amethyst, and Emerald.

Let the winds come and hold you to this place!
Windy Chain!!

Come spirit of the wind, the mighty eagle of the skies. Raise your talons and rip apart my enemy!
Wind cutter!!

Let the winds come and become a shield that protects me!
Emerald wall!!

Come spirits of air; grant unto me your great wind protection!
Great sylphs embrace!

I call to the Griffin. Raise a giant storm and bring forth the sound of thunder!
Amethyst tempest!!

That which flows between all and that which resides below, Let the wind and earth settle their differences, they now flow as one and bring total destruction!
Arc storm!!

Let the wind roar with the force of a thousand storms!!

Amethyst burst!!

Let the wind explode!!

WATER: Undine, Leviathan, Sapphire, and Lapis.

Let the water dance on my shape and protect me!
Lapis bubble!!

Let the Undine toss the seas and form a giant wave to smash all!
Undine crush!!

I call to the great snake; you sleep deep in the Sea. Now rise up! Shake the water’s and toss the waves! Let the sea roar and bring destruction!
Sapphire Blast!!

That which flows forever, gentle whiteness atop the water. Turn everything into ice with your breath!
Cold breathe of the Leviathan!!

Let the Undine shower my enemy in a wave of frozen spears!
Freeze arrow!!

Lapis freeze!!

Sapphire Burst!!

Undine whip!!

Sapphire wall!!

Lapis bomb!!

EARTH: Dryads, Gnomes, Topaz and Beryl.

Let the gnome raise its hammer and smash the ground to dust!
Earth Explode!!

Let the Dryads extend their arms to the sky. Let the trees embrace and entrap my foe!
Woodland cage!!

Give me power great Earth!
Topaz purity!!

Grant unto us thy greatest protection!
Land barrier!!

I pray to the ancient Earth. Tear its walls apart, shake the foundations of our world!
Earth shaking!!

Let the winds blow between the leaves. Let the woods hum with their song! Let loose your shards of the earth and rip apart my enemy!
Topaz lance!!

Let the Earth rip apart and reveal your fiery depths!
Howling breaker!!

Let the gnomes and dryads raise their talons to the heavenly sky!
Stone spikes that shatter the walls!!

MISC. Spells.

Let it be sealed within this place! So that none may enter and none can escape!!

Let it move!

Let it Fly!

Let it be known!!

Open the path that is laid out before me!!

Close the path so that none may follow in the light and Darkness of which I have stepped!!

Let the light shine and bend to my will, seep into the minds of my enemy and reveal their deepest thoughts!!

Let the form that is before me be dissolved and erase this world of false plight and release the purest of light!!

Let the Light with me shine and heal that which has been torn!
Healing spring!!

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