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Олег | Oleg

Oder of Harmony

Hi all,

Few years ago I translated the name for my friends community "Oder of Harmony" as "Ordo concentus". But now I start to discredit my bygone skill in Latin and would like to check the translation.
The name of the community is an reminiscence to secret societies, so I'm not sure whether the word "ordo", "sodalitas" or something else should be used. It's also not clear with the harmony (in the meaning of idealistic universal harmony): "concentus", "consensio" or something else.
Also the form of the word is a question. How it should be translated? As "Order of Harmony" or "Harmony Order"?
And finally what about capitalization in Latin titles? Is it the same as in English? Or only the first word capitalized?
What would be yours proposals for the translation?

Thanks in advance!
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