Catherine Crowe (imagocorvi) wrote in latinitas,
Catherine Crowe

What's in a name?

Well - after looking at other posts, I feel that my translation request is really very modest! I studied latin about 35 years ago - so I am a little rusty ;-)

I am starting a new business and in my nerdy way I want to give it a Latin name. I'm an artist and my studio name is Imago Corvi. Now I am openning a related supply business, and I want to give it it's own Latin name.

It's an enamel suppy business - so I had concocted Vas VIctualia which I believe means something like glass supplies. However to the average enamelist I am afraid it would raise images of  victuals ...

I know the romans did do enameling - and I wonder if anyone knows the Latin name for it, or if they have other suggestions of what I might call my business

Any suggestions gratefull recieved!
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